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What We Do

Individual dentist’s requirements are determined by an initial assessment which allows us to determine the needs of the practice without preconceived notions or a ‘one size fits all’ offering. We combine the dentist’s intimate knowledge of the practice with the unprejudiced eye of the outside observer to customize our process.

System Enhancements

System Enhancements

Running a 5-star practice requires top notch and documented systems that set each team member up for success and provides an incredible experience to all patients.

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Team Development

Team Development

Do you feel that your team members are not working towards a common goal? Do you have employee turn-over that is more frequent than you would like?

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Leadership Development & Vision Planning

Leadership Development & Vision Planning

How would you rank your leadership skills with your team between 1-5? If you believe you are a 3 or less, you may not know what is required to truly rank as a 5.

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and that's not all we do...

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Barriers to Improvement

I don’t have time

The truth is most owners spend a significant amount of their time solving problems
and putting out fires. The true potential of your practice can only be reached once
you put the right tools in place, get ahead of possible challenges, and allow
yourself to focus on what you do best – dentistry.

Do you want to work in a problem-free environment?

It costs too much

Imagine your practice has become a profitable and healthy business with
balanced operating costs and improved profit margins – that is what coaching
can accomplish at a fraction of the eventual investment you can earn.

Do you want to ignore the financial opportunity and growth?

I already know what’s wrong with my practice

Practice problems are like icebergs – the part you can see you can avoid. But the
parts that lurk deep below the surface? Those can be the downfall of any practice,
and a careful assessment can highlight changes and needs for the future.

Do you want your practice on a course for smooth sailing?

I already know what I need to do to fix it

If it were that simple you likely would have fixed it by now! Acknowledging that
your practice needs to change is the first step. The benefits of coaching to your
practice and the improvements to the working environment are countless.

Do you want to own an improved and healthy practice?

Experience Matters.

Let our 200 years of cumulative success,
help take your practice to the next level.


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We can help make your
Transition Plan a profitable one.

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