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Fab FAQ Friday - Episode 31 - Preventing Cancellations

Prevent cancellations at your practice! Your patients need to know that going to the dentist is safe - let us show you how.

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Karlys Corner - Increasing Production by Promoting Elective Dentistry

Promote your Elective Dentistry - You've worked hard to make your dental practice a one-stop shop for patients - make sure that they know it!

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Fab FAQ Friday - Episode 28 - Team Benefits vs Team Wages

As part one of our "Team" series, Karly Edwards will be discussing Team Benefits vs Wages, which one is best to focus on for your dental practice employees, and how to approach the conversation.

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Fab FAQ Friday - Episode 27 - The Value of Your Transition

On this week's episode of Fab FAQ Friday - LeeAnn and Henry Doyle discuss one of the biggest questions that retiring dentists have.

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Fab FAQ Friday - Episode 26 - Brokers Versus Advisors

On this episode of Fab FAQ Friday featuring guest Henry Doyle, we discuss the reasons why you should avoid using only an advisor to facilitate the sale of your dental practice. We take a look at possible conflicts, possible reasons to choose a broker instead, and how it can benefit your overall sale and transition.

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HD Dental Coaching Onboarding Program for Practice Purchases

While the great milestone of closing a practice purchase is certainly to be celebrated, we understand that there is still a lot to be accomplished over the next few weeks as you get fully integrated into the practice. Let HD Dental Coaching set you up for success!

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