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We are your partners for dental practice success

How can HD Dental Coaching help your practice? How do we know what we know? Because we are all in the dental industry, we've been office managers, we've been hygienists, we've got experience in every corner of dentistry, and we want to use it to help you!

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Planning and Updating Schedules for Your Team Can be Hard with Last Minute Cancellations

This Fab FAQ Friday is a great discussion about cancellations, the conversations you need to have with your team, whether or not you should send team members home if there are no more patients for the day, and how you should address these issues, especially during COVID.

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Coaching isn't impossible!

Our coaches LeeAnn Shipowick and Karly Edwards are approached with a question about what to do about "uncoachable teams". And they're here to tell you - there is no such thing!

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Online training for you and your team is possible with your HD Dental Coaching team

Coaches LeeAnn Shipowick and Karly Edwards discuss how HD Dental Coaching can utilize online tools and systems to coach you and your whole team!

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Make sure you know the goals ahead of making the calls!

Coaches LeeAnn Shipowick and Karly Edwards discuss the importance of confirmation calls for your patients, how they help your dental practice, and how different patients should have a tailored approach to their reminders.

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Transitions and selling - here's what you should know!

Our hosts LeeAnn Shipowick and Karly Edwards discuss with coach Sue Mason the many different considerations a dentist should review for the sale and transition of their dental practice. Keeping your staff happy and putting your practice in good hands can be a difficult process - but we are here to help!

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