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Is your practice ready to re-open?

Just like planning a Grand Opening, you need to plan for the Re-Opening of your practice. You will have some steps to put in place prior to the opening day.

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Now Open

Our coach from Saskatchewan, Karly, wanted to address the reopening of dental practices from the perspective of her province.

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Utilizing the Intra Oral Camera Experience

The Intra Oral Camera is not a new feature in any dental office, but it can become a "forgotten” accessory in the busy dental practices of today.

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Now is no time to back off

We've all been there where we are stuck in our ways, we are unable to see the forest before the trees because of our habitual habits and rigid thought patterns and we feel burnt out and demotivated in our careers.

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I'm just the Dental Assistant

Somewhere along the line, Dental Assistants were told or made to feel that they are the on the bottom of the totem pole in the dental office.

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