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Avoid the Hygiene Dip - Be Proactive!

Checklist for Keeping Hygiene Strong

Avoid the Hygiene Dip - Be Proactive!

Many of you have probably had one of your best months in ages. The schedules have been full from months of downtime and so we were able to fill the days with patients. These were a combination of patients that were overdue to see the dentist for treatment as well as the hygienist for their 6- or 9-month interval. 

Your software is set up to create recall lists based on the intervals that you have set for your patients to be seen or they are set by their insurance benefits.

Due to this cycle of re-care, the lists that should have been generated from patients seen in April, May and part of June 2020 will not have been generated for a future appointment.

In order to avoid this and to be prepared for a dip in the schedule this fall and early winter, we need to take the following SEVEN STEPS now. 

  1. Do a complete purge of past-due patients and offer future dates
  2. Pick up the phone and call the patients as an add on to texts and emails
  3. Generate a list of patients that have no interval set
  4. Be sure to preschedule all the hygiene patients for the next visit
  5. Offer hygiene patients a second appointment before the year-end: scale only
  6. At the AM meeting review patient’s hygiene appointments to see if any of them or their families need appointments
  7. Initiate an NP campaign for the fall months

Once these actions are taken, you should find yourself in a much better position for the remainder of 2020, so we can all start strong in 2021!