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Developing a Protocol Manual for a Successful and Productive Dental Practice

Protocols for Your Dental Office are Important

Developing a Protocol Manual for a Successful and Productive Dental Practice

Imagine this scenario:

You must leave your practice for a month in the hands of a temporary dentist. You must go overseas, or somewhere there is limited connectivity and a time difference that makes it almost impossible to check-in. Maybe a family member is ill, or you have had an accident skiing and need to heal up.

You are in a position where you need your office and team to operate fully without your guidance – how do you think it would go?

Would everything run smoothly?

Would your team keep everything on track and up to your standards?

Would patients continue to come to their appointments, would their appointments for the future get booked – would they still want to return?

Even without these outlandish scenarios - Developing a protocol manual is one of the most important steps in having a successful and productive practice. 

Having checklists and steps on how to complete systems in the office means that your team will not create ways to do things as they go. Many of your team members can be completing tasks using systems that they learned elsewhere, and don’t fit in comfortably with your expected practices. 

It gives you peace of mind as an owner knowing that your team is trained and knows the protocols and can be expected to follow through on them unprompted and without reminders.

Here are the top benefits of a protocol manual:

  1. Improvement in quality
  2. Delivery of your services will become more consistent
  3. Tasks will get done as they will have a guide
  4. Your practice will be more efficient
  5. Interruptions will be less as your team will know the answers
  6. Your team will be more engaged as they will know what is expected of them
  7. Your patients will be happy as they will know what to expect with each visit
  8. Training manual for new team members means more hands-on experience

HD Dental Coaching can help you and your team generate these protocol materials for your office so that nothing is left to chance or confusion.

Make your team and your dental practice the best that it can be – call us today for your no-obligation free consultation.  We’re always available at (888) 390 8088.