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Now is no time to back off

Now is no time to back off

Now is no time to back off

We've all been there where we are stuck in our ways, we are unable to see the forest before the trees because of our habitual habits and rigid thought patterns and we feel burnt out and demotivated in our careers. Complacency may feel a lot like stability, but it can stagnate your capacity and opportunity to reach your full potential.  With the current events going on today and having some free time, you can take this time to revisit our vision on what you want your personal and professional life to be.

Before you go back to work, take this opportunity to hit the ‘reset’ button and start fresh when you open your doors and work towards; how you want your practice to be, how you want your team to interact, and the type of dentistry that you are passionate about doing.

Take what works and make it better. Instead of thinking “We’ve always done it this way”, refocus and ask yourself “Is there a better way to do this?” The first step would be to have an evaluation of your practice by examining the current health of your business and to determine the growth opportunities and potential within your practice and to develop a plan to restart your practice in the new direction that you want.
Coaching provides invaluable tools for personal development and helps develop your team confidence and improving work performance, relationships and more effective communication during the transition strategies. Our clients report that they recouped their investment on coaching as coaching generates revenue for the practice and pays for itself with its return on investment.

Now is no time to back off.  Now is the time to actually put your foot on accelerator because we’re going in the right direction.

- Dr. Anthony Fauci

Please call HD Dental Coaching at 1-888-390-8088 or visit and speak to a team member who can answer your questions on how to get started and hit the ‘reset’ button on your practice.