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Take Action Now to Drive an Increase in Patient Satisfaction, Practice loyalty, and Referrals

caring comes home

Take Action Now to Drive an Increase in Patient Satisfaction, Practice loyalty, and Referrals

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Crest+Oral B, to better serve the dental community. 

We hope to be able to use this partnership to reach out to dentists with the best opportunities and advice from real-world experience and our fellow colleagues to improve your dental practice. 

In the wake of the reopening of practices across Canada, when we talk to our practices, we keep hearing many of the same COVID-19 based concerns:

1)    Will patients return and can I get back to the same level of office productivity?

2)    The decline of patient oral health will make for more difficult dental hygiene appointments

3)    It may be a while before my hygiene team will be back

Together, your HD Dental Coaching team and Crest + Oral B can help you answer these concerns.

Now is the time to take action! 

Your patients want and need your oral health education and advice.  Home care is now the most important step in your patient relationship.  Partner with them and take their homecare routine to a healthier level.  The next hygiene appointment may not be as difficult.  

Crest + Oral-B has patient research that highlights a simple but significant fact:

Personalized recommendations are the #1 driver of patient satisfaction, practice loyalty, and referrals. 


•    They show you care and relate to the patient on a personal level
•    They provide the instant gratification patients love
•    They link your practice to the improved health outcomes they generate

This is where Crest + Oral-B can help with our FREE Caring Comes Home Program:  

1)    Free Tools to Connect and Educate:

Reach out before and after you open to stay connected with patients.  Visit our Dental Professional Virtual Toolkit Centre for educational tools available in up to 6 languages, plus videos on how to properly brush and floss.  Connecting digitally and on the phone will likely play a bigger role going forward, so we’ll continue to update our program to provide on-going access to rich content and tools you can use with your patients. If you'd like to download our recommended Letter to Patients, you can find it HERE.

2)    Instant Gratification and Value:  

Sharing your professional discount (65% savings vs retail) on Oral-B home care products is an underutilized and unique opportunity right now. This is a 
risk-free way to offer significant savings, elevate the standard of care, and guarantee your patients are getting the products you recommend.  Patients can easily pay in advance and pick up the product at your office (appointment or curbside).

3)    A Hygiene Management System:  

Once the hygiene department is operational again, we can provide additional systematic ways to simplify and standardize the dental hygiene team delivery of personalized patient communication and recommendations.  

We are excited to help your practice take advantage of our FREE tools.  Please leverage our Dental Professional Virtual Toolkit Centre at  You can download the PDF for the Virtual Toolkit information package HERE.

Feel free to connect with our HD Dental Coaching consultants at 1-888-390-8088 or with your Crest + Oral-B Territory Manager to hear ideas on how other practices are taking advantage of our Caring Comes Home assets.