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Pauline Lavoie , RDH.

Dental Coach, Central Canada

Pauline is fascinated by the future. By seeing the potential in others and knowing that each individual is a work in progress, she will ensure that all team members are included to help them experience individual and team success. She brings to coaching a desire for educating individuals in dentistry and has built a reputation of sharing her knowledge and effectively communicating with clients and fellow colleagues in the offices where she has practiced and coached.

After graduating from Cambrian College in the bilingual Dental Hygiene program, Pauline has had the opportunity to have a multi-faceted career: as a dental assistant, dental hygienist, clinical instructor at a French community college. Pauline also holds a certificate in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University in which she has incorporated in coaching dental teams across North America. She continues to practice as a clinician where she still perfects her skills by mastering the non-surgical periodontal therapy program since 1995 and is able todeliver the successes she has experienced to others in the coaching field. Pauline’s energy, creativity and enthusiasm can be felt when she explains and demonstrates in the clinical setting where she makes it easy for dental teams to implement the program in their practices

Pauline thrives on applying practical theory and keeping current in a practice setting. She inspires others with her passion in dentistry, her commitment to continuing education and to the hygiene profession.