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Sue Mason , CDA., RRDH.

Dental Coach, Central Canada

Sue’s passion for training and lifelong learning comes from a diverse background in the field of dentistry. A former dental assistant, restorative dental hygienist, office owner and administrator, Sue has first-hand experience with many of the difficulties, challenges, and successes new and established practices face.

As a Certified Adult Educator, Certified Professional Coactive - Life and Leadership Coach, Dental Practice Management Coach and Trainer, Sue has expanded and solidified her skills as a communicator and educator. Combining her knowledge of practice and coaching, she can identify hidden roadblocks, and work with teams to overcome them.  

With experience in front-line positions, along with a thorough understanding of business management, Sue is able to recognize and work through the dynamics of the patient- employee-employer relationship. She provides her clients the ability to plan, organize and execute actions in a strategic and creative manner.

Sue is highly strategic, enthusiastic and goal-oriented. She celebrates change, and her vibrant attitude for collective improvement inspires teams to try something new.

Sue helps others express their concerns and engage in the transition process. By involving as many voices as possible, she enables her teams to confront change with confidence and optimism. Her goal is for teams to reveal and achieve their own success through personal and professional realignment. Working with confidence and determination, she is always ready to take the first step to bring a plan into action.